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Please try our KeepCool Products on dry, as once they are wet we cannot

exchange or refund, due to possible marking. 

Please be aware that our product is an inch smaller all round when dry.

           KeepCool Dog Coats               KeepCool Dog Mats


        KeepCool Dog Bandanas     KeepCool Pet Grooming Towel


             Hi-Visibility Dog Coats               Hi-Visibility Dog Collars


             KeepCool Horse Coats         KeepCool Horse Leg Pads


              KeepCool Neck Scarf            KeepCool Pain Relief Belt



Postage and packing costs are within the United Kingdom.  If ordering from outside of the United Kingdom, you will be advised of the shipping & handling costs as this depends on the size of your order and where it is being shipped to.  Please therefore, telephone or e-mail us first before placing your order in this case.

Once we have received your order, if paying via this website, we will receive your payment straight away otherwise we will await your cheque via the post.  Upon receipt of cleared funds you will receive your order within 7 working days unless we state otherwise.

If you have ordered a wrong size, we will charge P & P again to send a new item out and will not incur charges for returned item.  If unsure about size, please contact us by telephone:    + 44 (0) 7796 934024 or e-mail:


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